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Semantically Annotated Metadata: Interconnecting Samply.MDR and MDMPortal Vengadeswaran A, Neuhaus P, Hegselmann S, Storf H, Kadioglu S

Compatible Data Models at Design Stage of Medical Information Systems: Leveraging Related Data Elements from the MDM Portal. Dugas M, Hegselmann S, Riepenhausen S, Neuhaus P, Greulich L, Meidt A, Varghese J

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A Web Service to Suggest Semantic Codes Based on the MDM-Portal. Hegselmann S, Storck M, Geßner S, Neuhaus P, Varghese J, Dugas M

Standardising the Development of ODM Converters: The ODMToolBox. Soto-Rey I, Neuhaus P, Bruland P, Geßner S, Varghese J, Hegselmann S, Brix T, Dugas M, Storck m

The Portal of Medical Data Models: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? Geßner S, Neuhaus P, Varghese J, Bruland P, Meidt A, Soto-Rey I, Doods J, Dugas M

Operational Data Model Conversion to ResearchKit. Soto-Rey I, Geßner S, Dugas M

Automated Transformation of CDISC ODM to OpenClinica. Geßner S, Storck M, Hegselmann S, Dugas M, Soto-Rey I

Automatic Conversion of Metadata from the Study of Health in Pomerania to ODM. Hegselmann S, Geßner S, Neuhaus P, Henke J, Schmidt CO, Dugas M

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Using our video tutorials you can get an introduction into the functions and information on working with the MDM Portal.

Data Model Search

This video shows how data models can be searched, sorted and filtered in the MDM Portal. The search functions are available to users even without registering/login in to the MDM Portal.

Information and Functions of the Model View

This video demonstrates information and functions available in the Model View of the MDM Portal. Functions include rating, commenting, revising, and downloading data models. Most information is available without registration/login, the functions, however, are only available after registration. Download and revision (as a variant of data model creation) are shown in more detail in separate videos.

Search for items in the MetaData Registry

This video shows how the MDM Portal's MetaData Registry can be used to search for items and items frequently queried together with these - so-called related items - and to view their properties including frequency of use. The MetaData Registry - MDR for short - is only available to registered users.

Data model creation and editing with the ODMEdit Tool

This video is about the creation and editing of ODM files or data models from the MDM Portal with the ODMEdit Tool. The structure of ODM files (Operational Data Model by Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) is not discussed here. The form creation is only available for registered users. More about semantic annotation and upload in the corresponding videos.

Semantic Annotation with UMLS codes with ODMEdit Tool

This video is an introduction to semi-automatic semantic annotation with UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) codes using the MDM Portal and the ODMEdit Tool. The goal is not to explain semantic annotation per se or to explain all special cases that might arise. It shows how to perform simple semantic annotations with the existing knowledge base of the MDM Portal for simple data elements. Complex data elements - such as some inclusion/exclusion criteria - require consideration of more advanced coding guidelines.
Registration/login to the MDM Portal is required to use the ODMEdit Tool.

Data Model Upload

This video is about the upload of ODM files to the MDM Portal as upload of new or update of old data models and what has to be considered (e.g. assignment of licenses, copyright holders and keywords). The functions are only available to registered users.
(Note: Uploads from basic users initially enter a waiting status. They are visible only to the uploader and administrators until confirmed by an administrator).

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